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Presentations and Speakers at the Second International Congress on Stress includes:

•Hypertension as a Disorder of Communication – James Lynch

•The Pathogenesis of Mitral Valve Prolapse in Anxiety Disorders and Stress – Ray Rosenman

•The Stress Connection to Cardiac Repolarization, Arrhythmia and Sudden Death – Stewart Wolf

•The Potential Role of Cardiac Hyperreactivity to Stress in the Pathogenesis of Coronary Atherosclerosis and Sudden Death – Thomas Schmidt

•The Impact of Stress and Emotions on Health – Stan Maes

•Stress Management Training in the Workplace – What’s the Bottom Line? – Theodore Barash

•Psychophysiologic Stress Assessment – Lyle Miller

•Stress Reduction Effects of Spa Therapy – Richard Gubner and François Forestier

•Biobehavioral Effects of Electromagnetic Energy – Ross Adey

•Treatment of Depression with Cranial Electrical Stimulation – Norman Shealy

•Hans Selye Lecture: Stress, the Sympathetic Nervous System and Hypertension – Björn Folkow