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Presentations and Speakers at the Fourth International Congress on Stress includes:

•Psychosomatically Oriented New Methods of Qi-Gong – Toshihiko Yayama

•Effectiveness of Acupuncture in Stress Reduction as Evidenced by EEG Topography and Positive Emission Tomography – Kazu Mori

•Clinical Experiences with Psychoacupuncture – Amarenda Narayan Singh

•Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Electrotherapy and Soft Laser Therapy for Treatment of Stress-Related Disorders – Yoshiaki Omura

•Conditioned Alpha Wave Biofeedback for Treatment of Stress Disorders – Kazumasa Shiga

•The Relaxation Response and Its Relation to Psychophysiologic Studies in Tibetan Monks – Herbert Benson

•Eastern and Western Yogis: Human Potential and Practical Applications from Alcoholism to Psychoneuroimmunology – Patricia Norris and Stephen Fahrion

•Clinical and Epidemiological Data on Relationships of Hostility Dimensions to Coronary Heart Disease – Ray Rosenman

•Influence of Emotional Arousal and Sleep on the Pathogenesis of Life Threatening Arrhythmias – Peter Schwartz

•Life Change Events and Vincent Van Gogh’s Art – Richard Rahe

•Neurocognitive Therapy: The Reformation and Treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – George Everly

•A Review and Analysis of the Cost-Effective Outcome Studies of Comprehensive Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Programs in the Workplace – Kenneth Pelletier

•Stress in the Workplace: Issues Of Assessment and Psychophysiologic Approaches to Diagnosis and Treatment – Lyle and Alma Miller

•Visible and Nonvisible Electromagnetic Radiation Suppresses Nocturnal Pineal Melatonin Production: Physiological Implications – Russel J. Reiter

•About Subtle Energy and “Memory in Water”: Recent Results Obtained with High Dilutions – Jacques Benveniste

•Hans Selye Lecture: Oriental and Eastern Self-Control Over Stress – Yujiro Ikemi