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Presentations and Speakers at the Sixth International Congress On Stress included:

•Effort, Reward and Cardiovascular Health – A Socio-Psycho-Somatic Model: Its Empirical Evidence and Practical Implications – Johannes Siegrist

•Stress and Skin Diseases – Emilio Panconcesi

•Stress and Hair Loss: Myths and Truths – Vera H. Price

•The Philosophy of “Qi” and Its Relationship to Psychoneuroimmunology, Stress and a New System of Acupuncture Therapy – Kazu Mori

•Identification of the Cortical Site for Stress Induced Cardiovascular Dysfunction – David Cechetto

•Secondary Traumatic Stress: A Model of the Isomorphic Reactions Between Trauma Victims and Their Caregivers – Charles R. Figley

•The Stress Free “Hospital” of the Future – Dennis Stillings

•The Stress Profile: A Psychosocial Approach to Measuring Job Stress – Sven Setterlind

•Stress Management Training Through Progressive Muscular Relaxation and One Thousand and One Ways To Relax: Prescriptions from the American Scene – Joseph McGuigan

•An Integrated Approach to Stress and Stress Management – Paul Muscolino

•The Alexander Technique: Stress Reduction and Optimal Psychophysical Functioning – Samuel Reiser

•The International Labor Organization Action on Stress Prevention: A Series of Manuals For Occupational Categories at Risk – Vittorio Di Martino

•The Psychology of Stress and Nutrition – Sarah Culton

•Oxidative Stress Management and Disease Prevention – Karlheinz Schmidt

•Balancing Subtle Energy Fields and the Healing Powers of Music – Steven Halpern

•The Hans Selye Lecture: On Psychobiology and Communication: Psychiatry and the Future of Medicine – Joel Elkes