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Presentations and Speakers at the Seventh International Congress on Stress includes:

•A Viewpoint on the Genesis of Global and Coronary Prone Type A Behavior Pattern – Donald Byrne

•Global and Coronary Prone TABP: A Developmental Psychosocial Model – Lucio Sibilia

•The Cues and Clues of Stress: Some Helpful Hints From The Skin – Emiliano Panconesi

•Clinical Implications of Emerging Concepts of Cell Communication: An Overview – Ross Adey

•Physical Fields: States of Consciousness and Energy Medicine – Patricia Norris

•Neurofeedback Training: Clinical Applications and Conceptual Implications – Steven Fahrion

•Restoration Of Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA): A Unique Monitor of Stress – Norman Shealy

•Brain Mechanisms that Modulate Emotional Stress – Konstantin Sudakov

•Clinical Applications of Psychoneuroimmunology: An Overview – Nicholas Cohen, Robert Ader

•Clinical Implications of Psychoneuroimmunologic Modification of Antibody Responses – Cobi J. Heijnen

•Stress and Neurotransmitters: The Integrative Role of Corticotropin-Releasing Factor – Michael Owens

•Life Changes Scaling Revisited – Richard Rahe

•Innovative Approaches to Stress Prevention: The Design of Guidance For International Action -Vittorio Di Martino

•Helping The Helpers – The Society For Professional Well Being Experience – John-Henry Pfifferling, and Ahnna Lake

•The Hans Selye Lecture: The Evolution of Type A and Coronary Prone Behavior – Ray Rosenman