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Presentations and Speakers from the Eighth International Congress on Stress include:

•Scientific Evidence For Energy Medicine: A Comprehensive Overview – Daniel J. Benor

•Fruits of Intuition: Ring of Fire, a “New” Subtle Energy Circuit For Restoration of DHEA – R. Paul Thomlinson

•Function of Adrenal Neuropeptides in Stress and Adaptation – Peter Oehme

•Stress, Fatigue and Circadian Rhythms – Daniel. Leger

•Stress and Risk Taking – Charles. Mercier-Guyon

•Shaking Up Immunity: Psychologic and Immunologic Sequelae of a Major Earthquake – George F. Solomon

•Changes in Immune Measures From Two Months to Two Years: Post Hurricane Andrew – Gail Ironson

•Stress Associated Immune Modulation: Implications For Health – Ronald Glaser

•Stress, Personal Relationships, and Immune Function – Janice Kiecolt-Glaser

•Psychological Factors Correlate With Survival After Bone Marrow Transplantation – Lawrence Hoffman

•A Questionnaire for Rating “Type C” (Cancer Prone) Personality – Richard H. Rahe

•Medical Resonance Music Therapy – Peter Hübner

•Cymatics – The Changing Face of Medicine in the New Age – Peter Guy Manners

•The Effects of Musical Frequencies on Healthy and Cancer Cells – Fabien Maman

•The Effects of Music on Mood, Emotion, Autonomic Function and Immunity – Deborah Rozman

•The Scientific Status of Aromatherapy: Stress Reduction Using Fragrances – J.R. King

•The Hans Selye Lecture: The Detection and Measurement Of Subtle Energies: Physical Fields and States of Consciousness – Elmer Green