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Presentations and Speakers at the Ninth International Congress on Stress included:

•Life Stress and CHD in Sweden – Töres Theorell

•Ten Years of Stress Research at Nevada: Integrating Stress Assessment and Intervention – Tracy Veach

•The Role of Psychiatry in Medicine – George Solomon

•Critical Incident Stress Management: A Proposed International Standard of Care in Crisis Intervention – George Everly

•Studies on the Mechanism of Electromagnetic Field Interactions With Cells: The Cellular Stress Response in Electromagnetic Fields – Martin Blank

•Clinical Application of Magnetic and Electromagnetic Fields – Marko Markov

•Effects of Magnetic Stimulation on Blood Biochemicals – Saul Liss

•Occupational Stress in Europe: Problems and Approaches – Lennart Levi

•The Handicraft of Our Great Classical Composers in Musicmedicine – Peter Hübner

•Research With Music Designed For Stress Reduction: The Treatment of Autonomic and Hormonal Imbalances – Deborah Rozman

•The Extraordinary Results Obtained With My Metabolic Thermodynamic Treatment in Hopeless Patients Suffering Cancer and in Patients Saved of Heart Transplant – Demetrio Sodi Pallares

•The Adaptogens: Natural Stress Protector Nutritional Supplements – Ben Tabachnik

•Clinical Applications of The Biocircuit – Eric Leskowitz

•Hemispheric Synchronization with Hemi-Sync® – Toward Harmony From Chaos – Carol Sabick

•The Magic and Mystery of Magnets – Paul J. Rosch

•The Evaluation of Psychoneuroimmunological Aspects of Survival in Breast Cancer Patients: Ten Year Follow-Up – Kurt S. Zänker

•The Hans Selye Lecture: The Development of the Stress and Coping Inventory Scale and Implications For Evaluating Immune System Competency – Richard H. Rahe