6 Thought Habits of the Stressed

Let’s take a deeper dive into our power to reframe our perception to reduce our stress and reclaim our energy by looking at 6 thought habits that we all know too well. Thought habits create the thought worms that feed our stress and drain our energy. Automatic thinking costs less energy in the short run–it [...]

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The To-Do Garage

Ever spend an entire weekend cleaning out your pick one: garage/basement/office/computer files/junk drawers/cabinets? Did you stand there Sunday evening, admiring your hard work, and promise to never, never, never let it get so full and disorganized again? Most of us have a tendency to collect more than we can we deal with or need in [...]

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$10 Canned Air! Kitchy Money Maker or Valid Tool?

I recently read a cheeky blog on Yahoo! News about a new product hitting the shelves called Canned Air. Kirill Rudenko, a Prague-based photographer, is selling “canned air” from Paris, New York and other major cities for $9.99 a pop. The 3-and-a-half-inch cans—available online, come with wine-like labels that disclose the blend of concentrated air [...]

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