6 Thought Habits of the Stressed: No. 6 “Should-ing”

I should have…. [said…done…]” “You should have….” “He should have….” “It should have….” How many times a day do you use the word “should” out loud or silently in the 60,000 thoughts generated between your ears daily? For most high achievers “should” is one of the most over-used words in internal dialogues. After all we [...]

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6 Thought Habits of the Stressed: No. 5 Resentment

Here, instead of predicting mayhem in the future by catastrophizing, we lose energy replaying the past, still wanting to rewrite history. In grand and subtle ways we do this more often than we would like to admit. Occasionally we even allow our masterful inner critics to resent our own previous life maneuvers. So why do [...]

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6 Thought Patterns of the Stressed: No. 4 Globalizing

Think Globally? This is a fabulous concept in business development–extending, intensifying, speeding up for larger impact and greater good. But as an inner thought habit that spreads negative perceptions and emotions to unrelated areas, it can be downright dangerous. And we all do it! Probably the most common example is allowing a small failure in [...]

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6 Thought Patterns of the Stressed: No. 3 Catastrophizing

Ever find your mouth saying, “No problem!” while your brain is silently chanting some personal version of “Lions, and tigers, and bears…….OH MY!”? Our ability to forecast the worst possible scenario has helped us avoid demise for millennia. But like many thought patterns, when advanced to the automatic habit status, it interferes with our well-being. [...]

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