Here, instead of predicting mayhem in the future by catastrophizing, we lose energy replaying the past, still wanting to rewrite history. In grand and subtle ways we do this more often than we would like to admit. Occasionally we even allow our masterful inner critics to resent our own previous life maneuvers.

So why do our brains sometimes stick on this stress-inducing path? Because we didn’t like the outcome and we can’t let it go.

*want it to be fair.
*want it to be easier.
*want it to be our idea.
…We want to be right!

This “stuck-ness” is even more likely if the situation was emotionally charged, or triggered some other subconscious agenda. And I don’t know about you, but it sure seems much easier to dwell in “shoulds” in the dark of night.

It is impressive how resentment can carry subtly into our attitudes with certain people or tasks, long after we are conscious of what originally bothered us. The result–a subconsciously triggered stress response and precious energy wasted!

What could you do with that energy creating a future instead of trying to rework the past?

Thoughts? Ideas? Insights? Please share……
Contributed by AIS Fellow and Chairman of the Workplace Stress Board, Cynthia Ackrill, M.D.

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