Think Globally?

This is a fabulous concept in business development–extending, intensifying, speeding up for larger impact and greater good. But as an inner thought habit that spreads negative perceptions and emotions to unrelated areas, it can be downright dangerous. And we all do it!

Probably the most common example is allowing a small failure in one supposedly isolated arena of life to spread self-doubt into other domains. This happens on many scales, from spilling coffee on a fresh shirt and deciding it’s going to be a bad meeting, to having some minor event trigger our deepest fears, profoundly affecting our ability to respond appropriately. This insidious process often occurs under the radar of our full consciousness and each time it takes a toll on our brainpower, inappropriately assigning too much emotional energy to an event or stimulus.

Our perspective becomes contracted; our ability to see solutions is diminished. And it is far more stressful to take any action in the face of diminished self-confidence.

Act Locally!

A lot of stress can be avoided by cleaning up the boundaries of attitudes and emotions we assign to particular thoughts and perceptions. It takes just a moment to check our perception lens before we act. Next time you feel a sigh or an ugh coming on, ask yourself?

  • Is my reaction to another event coloring my attitude?
  • What is really true?
  • How can I clean up my thoughts and emotions to more efficiently and effectively deal with the situation at hand?

It often creates far less stress, takes far less energy to deal with the “real” situation.

On the other hand….Feeling positive? Let that go global!

Let positivity expand your brainpower!

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Contributed by AIS Fellow and Chairman of the Workplace Stress Board, Cynthia Ackrill, M.D.

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