Avinash Patwardhan, MD

Fellow- Virgina


Avinash Patwardhan is a non-practicing physician. He spent first 18 years of his career in active medical practice and the next 17 years in health outcomes research in the US. He is well published and sits on the board of four peer-reviewed journals.


  • Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES).
  • Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance USA (ERYT500).
  • Member of International Association of Yoga Therapists.
  • Member of American Association of Life Style Medicine.
  • Assistant Adjunct Professor at George Mason University, Virginia, USA.


In 1999, he developed a stress diathesis model of violence in society. In 2005, he worked and published for the W.H.O. on “Traditional Medicines”.


Avinash knows many languages. He is a published poet and a storywriter. He loves Indian classical music and plays flute and drums. Mathematics, Physics and History are his special interests.


As a stress management consultant, he uses “Yoga” as tool. Specifically his model uses techniques of “Karma Yoga” which originated in ancient India on a battlefield of a civil war for dealing & coping with stress.


Website: www.aviyoga.com

Blog: http://shan-gri-la.blogspot.com/


Dr. Patwardhan participates in the AIS Speakers Bureau and can speak on a variety of stress management topics.


Scholarly topics:

“Stress Management & Karma Yoga”

“Quantum physics and ancient Indian philosophy: Why so many Nobel physicists were into it?”

“Modern Market driven democracy AND stress, an inseparable connection”


Practical topics:

“Workplace and stress management”

“Music: A way to relaxation”

“Hearty laugh: a protective shield against stress”

“Yoga: Beyond postures”

“Spirituality and health”

“Small changes in lifestyle- huge steps to happiness”


If you would like to inquire about booking Dr. Patwardhan for your event, please complete the Speakers Bureau request form.