Cynthia Ackrill, MD

Fellow-  North Carolina
Chair- Workplace Stress Board
President of WellSpark

Dr. Ackrill works with leaders and teams to expand performance capacities and resilience.  With the latest science and research, she provides innovative ways to optimize energy, creativity, focus, and access to brilliance for enhanced, sustainable performance.  She fully understands the interplay of leadership, workplace culture, and human performance potentials. Her work includes the systematic management of stress, addressing specific lifestyle/health risk challenges, facilitating behavior change, and creating collaborative cultures to support excellence. She coaches individual leaders, their teams, consults on stress and wellness programming, organizational effectiveness, and cultural shifts. Clients include Toyota, Deloitte, BCBS, National Wiper, Altavista Wealth, First Tennessee Bank.

As a member of the National Speakers Association, Dr. Ackrill delivers engaging and transformative keynotes, workshops and off-sites. Dr Ackrill participates in the AIS Speakers Bureau and can speak on topics related to Stress and Energy Management, Creating Thriving Workplace Cultures, The Role of Leadership in Driving Culture, Tapping the Best of Brain Potential, and The Coaching Advantage- Leading to Full Potential. Dr. Ackrill is happy to develop a talk, workshop, or program to meet your individual needs.

Cynthia Ackrill, MD brings a unique and thorough background to the subject of health as a business strategy and the power of mission and values based leadership. She combines her knowledge as a primary care physician with her extensive experience in the new brain-based and physiologic approaches to behavior, performance, and health. She is a graduate of Duke University and the University of Maryland School of Medicine, a Fellow of the American Institute of Stress, a charter member of HeartMath, and a former board member of the International Society of Neurofeedback and Research.  A certified Wellcoach® and Well People coach, and certified Professional/Executive coach, Dr. Ackrill has also completed training in positive psychology, intrinsic motivation, and peak performance coaching, and she is a certified Team Advantage leader.

Dr. Ackrill participates in the AIS Speakers Bureau and can speak on a wide variety of topics.   If you would like to inquire about booking Dr. Ackrill for your event, please complete the Speakers Bureau request form.

Speaking Topics


Top 3 Most Popular Talks:

1. RUNNING ON FUMES – Time to end your personal energy crisis.

Today’s leaders, teams, and workers are constantly asked to do more with less. And we act as if this is temporary- it’s not! The challenge now is less about time management and more about energy management. Too many of us chronically operate in a state of “personal energy crisis.” How can you learn to manage your energy—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually (purpose)—in our 24/7 connected, demanding, global system? What small habit shifts can you make to buy yourself more energy to be creative, reflective, and effective? What can you learn from brain science and peak performance science? You have work harder down, but…how can you work smarter?

2. 10 COSTLY MYTHS ABOUT STRESS – or “Buy a Plot or Get a Plan!”

Myth-busters for stress management from a physician, business coach and board member of the American Institute of Stress. Stress has become so pervasive that we discount its impact, yet in 2003 stress was estimated to cost US businesses $300,000,000,000/year!!! It contributes to 70-90% of health care visits. High achievers are trained not to perceive excess stress, yet stress still takes its toll on energy, productivity, brilliance, creativity, and health. 40% of turnover is due to stress. Our common misconceptions keep us from proactively managing this huge drain on energy, health, and finances. Find out the latest science and tools and reclaim control!

3. CREATING EXTRAORDINARY CULTURES—Cultures that support our best brain-power, health and productivity.

Neuroscience and behavioral science have given us so much information about what supports the best of human potential. How can you use this science to create workplaces where productivity, engagement, and job satisfaction increase naturally? What habits, practices, environments support creativity, motivation, and innovation? It’s time to apply this science to the workplace and unleash performance potentials.

Other topics available by request. Possibilities include:

10 Things Neuroscience Teaches Us about Leadership

Habit Shifting- What small changes bring disproportional results?

The Coach Approach—Bringing the power of coaching to leadership.

The Focus Challenge in Leadership

Do We All Have ADD?

Role of Leadership in Wellness Programming

Cultures of Wellbeing

The Neuroscience of Change—Setting up successful change.

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“Dr. Cindi Ackrill is a dedicated champion for the realization of full potential in people everywhere. She realizes that so many women and men in the workplace arrive each day significantly, and often unknowingly, limited – by unattended stress, sleep deprivation, excessive weight, poor physical fitness or unhealthy lifestyle practices – in ways that significantly diminish their creativity, courage, decision making capacity, and happiness. She delivers the latest performance science in her talks, workshops and coaching work — with valuable stories, and persuasive humor and charm — to transform limitations. Listen to what she says. She is the very rare real deal!”
– Bruce Fritch, Fritch Consulting