Robert M. Davidson,MD, PhD, FAIS

Fellow- Texas

My interests lie in the area of public health, preventive health, and sustainable health care innovation. I strongly believe in medical freedom. The bedrock principle for any invasive medical procedure is informed consent. We all have a God-given right to autonomy over our bodies. I believe that my views on health freedom represent a well-reasoned moderate position. I am currently practicing internal medicine in a small group setting in East Texas (near Longview).

I am presently seeking out-patient, integrative biomedical research, teaching, and/or alternative medical practice salaried employment opportunities, either in the U.S. or abroad. I enjoy reading, writing, and reviewing science-based articles, both preclinical and clinical.

I am a Fellow in The American Institute of Stress. I believe that stress is the initial common pathway to inflammation, disease, and sudden death. Stress can best be defined in biophysical terms. It is incumbent on scientists and clinicians to learn everything possible as to the pathophysiology of stress. Sustainable health paradigms of tomorrow will require a multidisciplinary, intercontinental approach today. I wish for my life to have meaning. I hope to leave a meaningful legacy for those who will follow us. I do not have any conflicts of interest to disclose.

Representative samples of my writing are found in the following articles. My nom de plume (blog) over the years has been “patrons99”. My profile can be found at the linkedin professional website:  and at the scribd website: .

Robert Davidson, Cleaning Up Clinical Research and Medical Practice Guidelines OpEd News November 22, 2009;

Robert Davidson, Are Big Pharma and the PDUFA to Blame for Healthcare Mess? OpEd News November 27, 2009;

Robert Davidson, Was Asthma Clinical Research Study Subject “Ghosted”? OpEd News November 29, 2009;

Stephanie Seneff, Robert Davidson, Luca Mascitelli, Might cholesterol sulfate deficiency contribute to the development of autistic spectrum disorder? Med Hypotheses 2011, 78 (2), 213-7.

Davidson, Robert M.; Seneff, Stephanie. 2012. “The Initial Common Pathway of Inflammation, Disease, and Sudden Death.” Entropy 14, no. 8: 1399-1442.


Grace and Good Health to All,

Robert (Bob) Davidson, MD, PhD, FAIS

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