“Ever wonder why you’re never happy? Even when you get the things you want, the feeling just never lasts. Well, I’ve got exactly what you’ve been looking for: Contentment!”

Although certainly intended to be humorous, the YouTube video advertisement for Contentment echoes the truth: all the physical “stuff” in the world cannot make us content. The acts of buying more things and spending more money do not lead to happiness, no matter how hard advertisers try to convince us otherwise.

The idea that we need or crave a new material object causes stress, tension, and anxiety; obtaining the objects of our desire may release us from that specific and temporary stress, but it does not make us genuinely happy. Without contentment, we continue to latch on to the next thing we think we need, chasing that temporary release from stress – and the cycle repeats.

As Prince Ea says in his advertisement, “you lovely people at home can have your contentment, too – for zero easy payments of just $0. Just look inside yourself and realize that these material things have never made you happy for very long.” You can also subscribe to the American Institute of Stress’ Contentment magazine.

“Contentment. It’s what you’ve always been looking for.”