Certification FAQs

What does the AIS Seal of Certification mean?

Throughout our history, the world’s elite physicians and other stress management professionals have turned to AIS as the source for all science-based stress management information.   Entities such as products, corporations and individuals that bear the AIS seal have completed a rigorous certification process.  The AIS Seal can be interpreted to be a “stamp of approval” or an indication of a “good product”.

The AIS Seal offer consumers the guidance they need to help them sift through the confusing clutter of claims on thousands of products on store shelves today as a result of a strict evaluation by the experts at The American Institute of Stress.

Before earning the AIS Seal, the physicians and scientists at AIS review the product to make sure that it delivers on all claims that appear in its advertising, packaging and other informational materials. If the product does not perform as promised or does not meet established standards for quality, it cannot earn the Seal.

Are there advertising requirements to use the AIS Seal?

Yes, but the AIS Seal is not for sale: it was developed as a service for consumers and only companys/organizations and  products that pass our strict evaluations can earn our Seal. Every year, products apply for the AIS Seal and fail the evaluations of the AIS Certification Committee (ACC). Those products cannot earn our Seal. The same is true for products advertised in our publications: if the product doesn’t pass the ACC, the Institute rejects the advertisement. The AIS Seal evaluation process is open to any advertiser product or prospective advertiser’s product.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with a product that has the AIS Seal?

You can contact AIS to request a customer complaint form be sent to you. You will be asked to describe the product, where and when it was purchased and the problem you are experiencing.  If necessary, we may call on you to inspect the product.

Who do I contact if I would like to submit a company/ organization or product for the AIS Seal?

You can send in your “Proposal for Certification” in an email if you are interested in submitting your product to be reviewed for the AIS Seal. Please provide the name and location of your company as well as the name and type of product in your initial correspondence.

Are there certain products or services that cannot get the AIS Seal?

Yes. There are certain categories that are not eligible for the Seal. This list includes: insurance; financial/investment services and products; realty (including housing of any kind); public transportation;  catalogs and merchandise portfolios; “Shopping by Mail” items; premiums and prizes; contraceptives, prescribed drugs, and medical procedures; services (such as cleaning and repair services and Internet access providers); unbranded food products and branded deli foods not sold in individual packages; diet plans; contact lenses; fire alarms and suppressants; carbon monoxide detectors; home security systems and devices; infant/toddler car seats and restraints; swim aids, flotation devices, and pool toys.