Children know more than parents may think. Sometimes it’s an inner knowing. Here’s what they know and how it differs from sensing dad’s feelings.

If mom’s job couldn’t be any more difficult with more pressure, she needs to make sure that she presents a calm demeanor in front of her children. Moms are human too, and they are prone to mental health issues that can sometimes become overwhelming. Things like depression and anxiety can plague a mom who is trying to make sure that everyone in her home is taken care of.

Just everyday stress is unavoidable, but mom may want to do her best because children can sense when mom is stressed out, and they can ‘catch it’ like they could a cold or the flu.

Mom has always been told that her newborn can pick up on her feelings, and a cranky mom is going to lead to a fussy baby. However, this does not stop when the baby grows into a toddler and an older child. According to The American Institute of Stress, moms’ stress and negative feelings can ‘rub off’ on their child.

What Do They Pick Up?

Children can often be seen as sponges, and they are going to soak up everything around them. Children can be influenced by the strength of their parents’ relationship, how much their mom lies to them, and if mom is feeling extra stressed that day. It also doesn’t appear to matter how hard mom tries to hide her feelings from her child. Mom may know that she is not having a good day, but she will put a smile on her face, and go about her day. Children are still able to pick up on what mom is feeling, and it can still be passed on.

This can tell mom some very important information about what she needs to provide her child. According to Forbes, when a child can sense and pick up their mother’s stress, it can come out in ‘bad behavior’ that mom may not realize has anything to do with how she is feeling. What mom should focus on is presenting a calm front to her children.

Being calm and centered as a mom may mean a lot more to their development than telling them you love them every day. This means that mom needs to put some serious work into her self-care to help alleviate some of the stress she has been feeling.

An Interesting Note On Father’s Stress

We have discussed the role of a mother’s stress on her child, but there are some interesting studies when it comes to dad’s emotional state. According to Science Daily, they don’t seem to have the same effect on their children. Studies showed that fathers did not transmit their stress as much as mothers did, and they believe that is because fathers generally always suppress their emotions in front of their children.

The theory is that children are used to dad being ‘fine’ when he is really not, but they are not used to it from mom. Moms generally show their emotions much more, so when they try to hide it from their children, their children pick up on it. It was more ‘abnormal’ to hear mom say that she is ‘fine’ when she really is not.

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By Ashley Wehrli

Sources: Science DailyThe American Institute of StressForbes