Music, Writing and Service Dogs
Comfort and Healing All Around US

Combat Stress Magazine: Winter 2021-2022
Volume 10, Number 4


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Editor’s Message
By Christiane O’Hara, PhD, FAIS

Music & Traumatic Stress: Music Therapy Research and Treatment with Military Populations
By Julie Garrison, MA, MT-BC

The Healing Process of Music Therapy: The Use of Therapeutic Song Writing with a Veteran
By Sarah M. Miller, MT-BC

Warrior to Healer: Combat Marine to Music Therapist
By Mark Sauza, USMC (Ret)

Music of My Soul: My Journey to Healing
By Connie Hunter-Baptiste

The Hero’s Journey: The Arts and Trauma Recovery
By M.B. Dallocchio, LMSW

Dog Walk Home: A Documentary Film Portraying Veteran Families Battling
PTSD with the Help of Service Dogs
By Vicki Topaz

How Service Dogs Can Reduce Veteran PTSD and Save Lives
By Mary Cortani

Editor In Chief

Daniel L. Kirsch, PhD, DAAPM, FAIS
AIS President


Kathy Platoni, PsyD, DAAPM, FAIS
COL (RET), US Army

Guest Editor
Christiane O’Hara, PhD, FAIS

Contributing Editors

Josh Briley, PhD, FAIS
Lousie Gaston, PhD
Reverend Charles Grantham, PhD
Jeff Jernigan, PhD, LPC, BCCPC
John H. Thurman, Jr. M.Div., MA
Tom McMurtry, DAIS

Managing Editor

Kathy Schoop

Creative Director

Michael McMahon

AIS Combat Stress Board

Chaired by Colonel Platoni, the role of this board is to develop initiatives and communications to serve the stress management needs of Service Members and Veterans.

Kathy Platoni, PsyD, DAAPM, FAIS
Clinical Psychologist
COL (RET), US Army, COL/Ohio Military Reserve
4th Civil Support and Sustainment Brigade

Stephen Barchet, MD, FACOG, CPE, FACP, FAIS
Rear Admiral/MC/US Navy Retired

Richard S. Biehl, MA, FAIS, Police Chief, Dayton, Ohio

Brian S. Earthman MD, FAIS, Psychiatrist, MAJ (Ret), US Army Reserves, Medical Director, EPI, Inc.

Dave Fair, PhD, D Min. CMC, FAIS, Certified Master Chaplain, President ChaplainUSA, Senior Chaplain, Brown County, Office of Emergency Management

Charlie Bass, MD, PhD, FAIS, LTC., U.S. Army, (Ret)

Christiane O’Hara, PhD, FAIS, Advisor, Women Veteran Social Justice Network

Daniel L. Kirsch, PhD, DAAPM, FAIS, Pain and Stress Specialist, US Navy Contractor (Ret), President, The American Institute of Stress

Combat Stress Magazine

Combat Stress magazine is written with our military Service Members, Veterans, first responders, and their families in mind. We want all of our members and guests to find contentment in their lives by learning about stress management and finding what works best for each of them. Stress is unavoidable and comes in many shapes and sizes. It can even be considered a part of who we are. Being in a state of peaceful happiness may seem like a lofty goal but harnessing your stress in a positive way makes it obtainable. Serving in the military or being a police officer, firefighter or paramedic brings unique challenges and some extraordinarily bad days. The American Institute of Stress is dedicated to helping you, our Heroes and their families, cope with and heal your mind and body from the stress associated with your careers and sacrifices.

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