Corporate & Organization Certification

Certification Guidelines are established to evaluate the credentials and claims of applicants to the AIS Certification program to ensure they meet specified AIS standards and requirements.  AIS Certification provides a standardized level of professional knowledge and skills for stress management experts.

In addition to meeting the scientific and assessment requirements and standards, AIS Certified Corporation’s/Organization’s senior leadership members are expected to be of good moral character.

The following list of certification criteria is comprised of suggestions offered as guides to help you as you self-evaluate your stress management program or services prior to submitting your application.  We hope to encourage development of programs and services that are tailored to the needs of individuals and/or organizations, rather than simply mandating specific program criteria that must be checked off a list to gain certification.  We hope that the programs and features you report on your application are reflective of the needs of your client/patient/workforce population.  We hope to see evidence-based, whole body stress management programs in place which include considerations for: nutrition, exercise, mental health support, continuing education opportunities and sufficient time off.


Basic Criteria for Earning AIS Certification:

  1. Appropriate stress audit/survey and research of your target participant’s complaints and needs.
  2. Provide a broad range of services, tools and training to meet the specific needs of your organization’s population.
  3. Set benchmarks and frequent measurement of efficacy: making any adjustments to the program as results are evaluated.
  4. Program participation is mandatory for all employees.  This takes away any connotation or perception of weakness by anyone who participates.


Program & Feature Examples:

  • Flex Time work day options
  • Telecommuting options
  • Internal Communications officers
  • System to facilitate feedback/suggestions
  • Office remodel to let in more natural light
  • Employee access to exercise facility
  • Workday break time policy
  • Install a walking track around property
  • Install listening stations in break room, stocked with guided meditations and relaxation CDs
  • Installation of ergonomic workstations
  • Aquariums in common areas of workplace
  • Office pet inclusion policy
  • On-site daycare facilities
  • Mandatory stress management training program upon hire along with continuing education courses offered throughout the year.
  • Employees must earn a set number of credits from their selection of training courses/events or stress reducing activities
  • Stress management seminars and learning lunches hosted by company for employee continuing education
  • Evidence based stress reducing activity plans: running/walking clubs, book clubs, picnics, cookouts etc…
  • Evidence of proper training and tools for job
  • Measurable benchmarks of program implementation success
  • Portfolio of supporting research


Certification Process

  1. To begin the certification process you must first submit a “Proposal for Certification”.  The proposal should be no longer than two pages describing your company/organization and or product, outlining some of the evidence that backs up your claims.  Be sure to include a brief company history, any associated websites, list of publications and a short list of abstracts if available. Submit your Proposal for Certification >>
  2. The AIS Certification Committee (ACC) will review all documentation submitted via the proposal.  Great care is taken in considering your Proposal for Certification.  You will only be invited to apply for the AIS Seal of Certification if we feel that your corporation/organization or product is a good certification candidate. If the proposal is approved — We will invite you to formally apply by sending you the Certification Application and payment instructions based on our fee schedule. At this time, we will also request product samples (if applicable) for evaluation. If the proposal is denied — We will communicate the reason(s) for denial and offer suggestions to strengthen your proposal.
  3. Once we have received your completed certification application and any required samples, the ACC Coordinator will contact the applicant to schedule a site visit.  The site visit is not necessary in all cases, and the need for one will be determined by the initial Proposal.  Site visits are utilized to evaluate the physical premises and interview any associated persons as to the accessibility and training that meets AIS standards. The ACC will evaluate your application packet and samples. The ACC’s decision will be communicated to you via the contact email that you provide in your application.  If your application for AIS Certification is denied, the ACC will communicate the reason for their decision and suggestions to improve your submission, so that you may apply again.


If you have any questions regarding corporate certification, please contact us.