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Diplomate and Fellowship status is granted on an annual basis. Once your credentials have been initially granted by The American Institute of Stress Certification Committee (ACC), you will only be required to submit your renewal fee each year to maintain your credentials. If your membership has lapsed for more than five years, you will be required to resubmit an application.

Upon notification of the status of your application, you will be receive a link to submit your annual dues. Your AIS certificate and credentials will be issued after payment is received.

Diplomate Qualifications

  • Hold a relevant degree or healthcare license
  • Have been in practice or profession for at least 3 years

Fellow Qualifications

  • Hold a doctorate degree or healthcare license
  • Have been in practice or profession for at least 5 years

Education Module Component

Diplomates and Fellows may choose to submit a full and complete education module and have annual dues waived for the first year. You must submit a 10 minute to 1 hour (or longer) web-based (or easily converted) educational program in video, audio or written form covering an aspect of stress management related to your field of specialty. The education module may be targeted toward the public or healthcare professionals. The module will be posted to our online Learning Center. Once the module is submitted with your application, it becomes property of AIS.

If you have further questions regarding this component, please direct them to Heidi Hanna, PhD,  Executive Director.

Short Bio for Directory
Other supporting documents or information that you may want to provide
Stress Management Dedication: If a CV is not provided, please provide appropriate employment data beginning with your current position and describe your professional experiences.
Awards/Recognition: List any individual awards recognizing your stress management expertise or professional designations, such as certification or other related fellowship credentials. Provide info on the name, purpose, sponsoring organization, and date.
Educational History: List schools and/or training programs you have attended including academic year, name of school, location and certifications/degrees obtained.
I am interested in serving on the following committee(s)
I would like to be considered as a presenter for the next AIS Stress Summit Conference. My area of interest is:
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