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Diplomate & Fellow Application

Application Form

  • Diplomate Requirements - Hold a degree or healthcare license - Have been in practice or profession for at least 3 years Fellow Requirements - Hold a doctorate degree or special license - Have been in practice or profession for 5 years
  • Stress Management Dedication

  • This section seeks information about the number of years and percentage of time spent in stress management over the course of your career. Please provide appropriate employment data beginning with your current position and describe your professional experiences NOTE: If you have uploaded your recent CV, you may skip this section.
  • Awards

  • List any individual awards recognizing your stress management expertise or professional designations, such as certification or any other related diplomate/fellowship credentials. Please provide information on the name, purpose, sponsoring organization, date, qualification and any other data relevant to the award/recognition that you have earned.
  • Educational History

  • Participation

  • Please indicate the areas in which you would like to participate. We will contact you prior to placing you on any contributor schedule, committee or board to make certain your schedule can accommodate the added commitment.