A wave of entrepreneurial stress during COVID-19 left many overwhelmed with uncertainty and overloaded with questions about the future. The coronavirus broke out in the United States at the start of March 2020. With social distancing regulations and quarantine guidelines in place to protect individuals from spreading the coronavirus, small businesses and entrepreneurs experienced a wave of low revenue. With doors shut and the opportunity for growth scarce, there was also a rise in entrepreneurial stress during COVID-19.


When dealing with entrepreneurial stress during COVID-19 you should always try to express and face your feelings. Bottling up your emotions can cause your thoughts to become disorganized, the stress can become overwhelming, and anxiety to increase. When you are honest with yourself and those around you about your entrepreneurial stress during COVID-19, you can start to find peace with your reality. Doing so will help you think more clearly as you navigate this new experience and be open to hidden opportunities.


As you feel scrambled to find solutions to your entrepreneurial stress during COVID-19, you must set boundaries with yourself. Do not spend every hour of every day trying to solve each problem. Set boundaries with your work schedule, what hours you are available on the phone to solve problems, and when you find time to rest. Spend your evenings and weekends staying connected to the things that bring you joy like your family, your hobbies, and your interests.


Support exists in many forms and you should try to find it from multiple directions. Find support from your loved ones as you manage your entrepreneurial stress during COVID-19. While your friends and family can offer much-needed encouragement, you should also consider seeking the help of a Telemental health provider. They can provide you with much-needed perspective as well as tools to help you cope with the variations of your stress. Another alternative is starting your own support group for entrepreneurs with MeetUp, or consider joining one that’s already active. You’ll find many like-minded individuals who would be happy to support you along your journey back to pre-COVID-19 success.


community can make a world’s difference when you are going through something that feels isolating. There are thousands of individuals in the United States that are battling entrepreneurial stress during COVID-19. Joining together to gain support from other people in your same situation can help you avoid feelings of isolation and loneliness. Also consider getting involved in your local community, volunteering, and working with others who might be struggling as well. Finding purpose in areas other than your work can be great for managing this kind of stress.


Lastly, formulate a plan. With your therapist, your loved ones, your community, and other forms of support, you can start to formulate a logical plan on how to move forward. Even though entrepreneurial stress can be overwhelming, a well-laid plan can help you feel direction for the future. Over time, you will start to heal from your stress and recover from the impact of COVID-19 on your work and business.


Affordable therapy is available, and easily accessible even during COVID-19. Finding help to better manage stress during the pandemic and beyond, begins with working with a therapist that understands your situation. Click here to begin your search by simply entering your city or zip to connect with a therapist in your area today.


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