DAYTON — Ceremonies commemorating National Wreath Across American Day have been taking place across the country today, including in Dayton. Due to the pandemic, the ceremonies will look slightly different this year.

Wreaths Across America, a nonprofit organization, are leading nationwide ceremonies to make sure that a live, balsam fir veteran’s wreath is placed at the headstone of every American veteran.

In Dayton, the presentation ceremony was held today at noon at the grotto on the grounds of the Dayton National Cemetery. Memorial wreaths to honor all veterans were presented for all branches of service, POW/MIA, and Fort Hood Victims.

The ceremony also featured a retelling of the Fort Hood Massacre story. It was told by retired US Army Colonel, Ohio Military Reserve Colonel, and Fort Hood Massacre survivor, Dr. Kathy Platoni.

Judge Dennis Adkins, Chair of the host committee, Dayton National Cemetery Support Committee, and creator of the Montgomery County Veterans Court served as the master of ceremony.

Volunteers that registered in advance were given the opportunity to be at the presentation ceremony or lay wreaths at individual graves earlier in the day.


By: WHIO Staff
Updated: December 19, 2020 – 12:47 PM