The SMQ is a scientifically validated test that provides analyses and personalized feedback on all your stress risk scores in the form of a 9-page Detailed Stress Report followed by a 66-page Stress Mastery Guide and Workbook.


Using 87 psychometrically created questions, the SMQ gives a view of your personal stress in 3 key areas with 11 unique scales:

  • Stress Warning Signs: Hostility/Anger, Time Urgency, Perfectionism, Disappointment, Burnout, Under-Achievement, Tension
  • Stress Effects: Physical Stress Effects, Life/Work Satisfaction
  • Stressors: Life Events, Hassles


You will also receive the Stress Mastery Guide and Workbook educating you about the SMQ test results and what you can do to lead a less stressed, more enjoyable life. If you only do one thing to improve the quality of your life this year, make it this.

Formally sold for $75, AIS has teamed up with Stressmaster International to offer the SMQ for only $17.95.

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