BEND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, August 15, 2021 / — Wyatt Carrell is making waves with his tech venture, the Next Web. This visionary CEO is all set to introduce Web 3.0 services by Next Web. Definitely, it will raise brows and be the next big thing in the digital world. All that Wyatt Carrel does is sheer brilliance. One of the reasons Next Web acing is because Wyatt Carrel cares for his teammates.

Recently, Wyatt shared how we assure that his team, or what he likes to call; his collaborators are stress-free at the workplace. Although, Next Web has a nurturing workplace culture with optimal operation schedules, passionate work, and some leisure.

However, let us be real that stress can still linger in and affect employees. This can be due to factors outside the workplace. Moreover, the recent pandemic of COVID-19 has induced much workplace stress. According to Forbes, 94% of the employees reported stress in the recent period of the pandemic. According to The American Institute of Stress, half of the stressed employees say that they require help learning how to manage stress.

Wyatt Carrell believes that a CEO is capable of managing workplace stress well. He shares simple yet impactful ways through which he brings the perfect Zen for his teammates. This is very helpful for CEOs, managers, or team leaders who intend to tackle workplace stress for their teammates.

Wyatt Carrell says that as a CEO, you are a guardian for your teammates. He adds that one must be very mindful of the physical and mental well-being of his or her employees. After all, they passionately add value to the company. Stress can hinder their professional abilities and affect them personally as well.
5 Viable Ways:

In this scenario, a CEO must kick the stress out. Now, let us get to Wyatt’s 5 viable ways to keep the stress out for employees.

1. Introduce Interiors that improve well-being: Using minimalist interiors with a mind soothing effect is a smart thing to do. Make sure the workplace is decluttered and organized. Bring plants and add tints of colors that induce positivity, such as green, blue, and lavender. Aromatherapy is very beneficial. It allows us to think better. Go for lavender or a peppermint scent. This will enhance the atmosphere of the whole workplace.

2. Prevent Tech Shutdowns: As a tech-oriented company, the whole operations are running on devices and computerized mechanisms. We all know how stressful it gets when a laptop is stuck in the middle of a due project. You must ensure that all devices in the house are up-to-date, fast, and always responsive.

3. Get your Teammates the Right Diet: Taking care of your teammates’ diet is still a meaningless thing for many companies. That is sad. We all know, diet is integral in releasing stress. Make sure your employees have in-office access to all essential fruits, vegetables, and nutritious foods. You can get a dietician to teach your team about the optimal diet and help your office food department design a healthy food menu.

4. Set a Corner for Leisure: Take a room or part of your workplace, and call it a leisure spot. On the floor, put a turf carpet. Put some board games, cushions, books, video games, and magazines. Encourage your teammates to use that spot in their free time.

5. Acknowledge & Recognize Achievements: Telling your teammates that you are proud of them will make them feel valued. Regularly appreciate them and congratulate them on a job well done.

Bottom Line
These viable ways by Wyatt Carrell can enable any CEO to set the right stress-free tone for teammates. It is all about telling them we are all in this together and we are going to make it.


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By Michael Peters Tech Today Inc.