Member Profile: Sean D. Waters

Sean D. Waters is a practicing Stress Specialist Practitioner practising in Johannesburg, South Africa, founder of the Stress Less Clinic™. The philosophy of Stress Less Clinic™ is to provide simple and practical ways of helping both individuals and companies on how to be aware of, understand, manage, cope, and evaluate their lives by practising the principals of the new science of stress and living a balanced stress less life. Stress Less Clinic™ encourages a refreshing life. Based on his individual and business experiences, he had the desire to reach out to others and help them reach their true potential including dealing with the challenges of life by mentoring, coaching, and consulting individuals and companies, in all facets of the phenomenon of stress.

His interest in the phenomenon of stress and as well as his desire to help others to find meaning and purpose in their lives, came about as a result of a personal life changing event in 2010. This life changing event brought about him consciously acknowledging that the life he was living prior to 2010 was unrealistic and dark. He then made a conscious decision to turn his life around.

The strength of Stress Less Clinic™ lies in its network of professional associates both nationally as well as internationally. These professional associates are valued partners of Stress Less Clinic™ and are experts in their fields. One of the other philosophies of Stress Less Clinic™ is to understand the environment that is being mentored, coached or consulted in. Compliance, competency professionalism and ethics are of paramount importance and the founding principles of Stress Less Clinic™, hence working the network of professional associates. Key disciplines practised by Stress Less Clinic™ include:

  • Stress Management practices for individuals counselling, mentoring and coaching
  • Stress Management practices for corporate and companies, consulting, mentoring and coaching using accredited measuring instruments.
  • Meaning-centred logotherapy and psychotherapy practices
  • Work-related Intervention Stress Management
  • Emergency Medicine Care Stress Management
  • Technostressology: Technostress, Techno addiction, Techno-Psychotherapy
  • Stress First Aid and Mental Health First Aid
  • Research in the field of the phenomenon of stress as well as burnout
  • Aviation Altitude Physiology and Stress

Historical Personal Profile

Clothing Technologist, CGLI, ACI from the City and Guilds of London Institute.

Held senior management positions with South Africa’s leading retail clothing chain stores including a director of a JSE listed speciality clothing retailer. Diploma Retailer Development

Owner – Accredited specialised commercial and liability short term insurance brokerage.

Owner – Specialized commercial property facilitator and consultant to blue chip developers and property management companies in South Africa.

Co-lecturing entrepreneurship at University of Johannesburg where his personal interest was to grow and develop entrepreneurs and their entrepreneurial skills. University of Johannesburg Faculty of Management Certificate in Entrepreneurship.

Stress Specialist Practitioner – Profile

  • LogotherapyThe study of Logotherapy: Meaning-centred living, counselling and psychotherapy. Member, membership and communications co-ordinator VFISA Viktor Frankl Institute of South Africa.
  • Accredited LogotherapistInternationally recognised Associate in Logotherapy. Logotherapy studies at UNISA’s Centre of Applied Psychology. The Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy is affiliated with the International Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy USA, which is affiliated with the American Psychological Association (APA). Adjudged competent in Stress Management practices.
  • Diplomate in Logotherapy – Registered student with UNISA UCAP studying the final course of Diplomate in Logotherapy. Thesis: Technostressology: Technostress, Techno addiction, Techno-Psychotherapy.
  • Special interest disciplines include – Stress, anxiety, burnout, depression, trauma, emergency medicine, stress and mental health first aid, PTSD, work-related stress management Technostressology, aviation altitude physiology and stress and neuroplasticity.
  • Research in the fields of stress management and burnout in the workplace, emergency care stress management for health care professionals as well as for first responders, Technostressology (technostress and techno addictions) and neuroplasticity.
  • Interactions with experts and professionals both locally and internationally in their fields of stress, anxiety, burnout, depression, trauma, technological stress, stress and mental health first aid, compassion fatigue, emergency medicine, work-related stress, aviation altitude physiology and stress, and neurobiology/neuroscience/neuroplasticity.
  • SANS – South African Neuroscience Society – Member
  • SAMRC – South African Medical Research Council of South Africa, through interactive communication the Anxiety and Stress Disorders Research Unit.
  • Mental Health Information Centre Southern Africa MRC Unit on Anxiety and Stress Disorders of the Universities of Cape Town and Stellenbosch – Registered Mental Health Service Provider
  • SADAG – South African Depression and Anxiety Group – Member and Counsellor
  • Stress Less Clinic – Stress Management Practitioners – Senior Practitioner Stress Management counselling, mentoring and workshops specialising in workplace stress and the impact of technology on stress. Associations with related Associates both locally and internationally.
  • Afriforte Commercial arm of the WorkWell Research Unit forEconomic and Management Sciences, Faculty of Economic Sciences, North-West University, Potchefstroom.
  • OHFB – Organisational Human Factor Benchmark – Competent
  • ASA Afriforte Stress Assessment – Competent
  • Valued Partner to Afriforte – Valued Partner for the Work-Related                   Intervention Management Standard© Empowerment Plan©
  • MHFASA – Mental Health First Aid South Africa – Operations Executive
  • The American Institute of Stress – Member
  • Stress First Aid USA for Firefighters and Emergency Medical Services – Accredited User

Sean D. Waters
Email: [email protected]
Mobile:    +27 (0) 83 783 2949
Address: Sydenham, Johannesburg, South Africa 2192