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Carroll E. Hill

Carroll E. Hill

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Address 1414 McKennie Avenue
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Nashville, TN 37206

Phone Number (323) 637-1351

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Biography I am enjoying the second half of my 120+ life span. I became a member of the AIS several years ago, but stopped until I had a better understanding how I wanted to support this fantastic organization. I realized that people do not realize that PTSD is a result of Traumatic Experiences, which place the victims in a mental and physical condition of "Fight or Flight". Chronic Stress develops and creates multiple physical and mental health issues as I experienced. But I survived. I have successfully used nutrition and essential oils to manage the PTSD I developed as a Domestic Violence Thriver. I struggle, at time often, with reliving the abuse (verbal, physical, emotional and mental). "Interjections" (vivid memories, sounds or abusive statements) happen at any given time. I have absolutely no control over their occurrences, but I have a strategy to endure and move on by simply taking great care of myself as I go through it. I am not a doctor or psychologist. I am not here to promote what has helped and maintain me. I am here just to let PTSD Thrivers know that they are not alone! I know what they are going through and support their efforts to heal themselves from the stress of it all! Thank you AIS for what you are doing!

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