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Dennis Morris

Dennis Morris

Biographical Info Founder & CEO Academic Executive Coach Institute of Respect & Academic Leadership Programs Developing exceptional, innovative leaders and teams is Dennis Morris’ passion, and it’s what drives the work of his company, Institute Of Respect. Drawing on 25 years as a senior leader, executive coach, psychotherapist, mediator and educator, Dennis is the creator of respect-based coaching and learning programs that are tailored to help academic and business executives and managers understand the power of respect, and how it can be used to develop highly effective leaders and teams, resulting in more meaningful–and more prosperous–relationships with clients and colleagues. He was the first executive coach and consultant in the U.S. to offer respect-based leadership programs such as Leading With Your Principles, Respect-Driven Communication and Coaching With Respect. Since 2010, respect has been the cornerstone and operating principle of his executive coaching and consulting practice.

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