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Tanya Peterson

Tanya Peterson

Email Address [email protected]

Level Diplomate

Address 3325 Park Hills Dr
Eugene, OR 97405

Phone Number (541) 514-8663

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Biography Tanya J. Peterson holds a Master of Science degree in counseling and is credentialed by the National Board of Certified Counselors. She has had seven self-help books traditionally published, all centered around the theme of reducing anxiety and stress so people can equip themselves with knowledge, skills, and tools to create a quality, healthy life. Much of her work centers on helping people understand and build mindfulness skills in order live fully in each moment rather than stuck in their mind (their thoughts and feelings about problematic situations). Peterson writes extensively for the websites Choosing Therapy and, providing a combination of informative articles and blog posts about a variety of mental health topics, including but not limited to stress. Additionally, she has created a mental health course for the online education company Lernsys. Presented for kids aged 8-12, the course can apply to all ages and draws on research-based practices like mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, yoga, and health principles to help kids learn to deal positively with worries, stress, and other problems. She has also been a guest on numerous Podcasts and other interview shows, such as the Empowered Living talk show on Facebook, the Tending Trauma podcast, and many more. She’d been featured twice in Authority Magazine, interviewed about developing healthy habits for wellbeing and leveraging the power of gratitude for wellness. She’s been quoted as an expert in a variety of online articles. Tanya J. Peterson speaks and presents in multiple locations both in her home state of Oregon and nationally about mental health and wellbeing. Venues include community mental health centers, schools, libraries, state and national conferences, large bookstores such as Barnes & Noble, and small, independent bookstores. Peterson has been active in her local NAMI affiliate where she served as secretary of the board of directors, co-led support groups, and gave presentations about mental health and illness to various community groups. On a personal level, Peterson experienced a traumatic brain injury in a motor vehicle accident and was subsequently hospitalized in a behavior health hospital where she was treated for anxiety disorders and other mental health issues. In 2019, she was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune disorders and digestive disorders, of which stress was an important contributing factor. She is thriving anyway and seeks to help others beat stress and thrive, too.

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