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Tarek Aad

Tarek Aad

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Level Diplomate

Address Marvella Community, King Abdallah Road
Build 18, Aprmt 04
Riyadh, Riyadh / Saudi Arabia Riyadh 13215

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Biography I believe in the healing power of the soul. This is not fiction or just smart wording. A simple personal experience in a weight loss journey validated my thoughts and proved the uncommon. After 10 years of working in the operating theatres and in business fields keeping me close to morbidly obese patients, I witnessed that many of them regained their weight back after a weight loss surgery. I was in fact put in research to find out why this was happening, and this brought me to a key finding which is “the control of the psyche of each one of us”. The soul is a healing engine to the body where nothing else can do. Our beliefs as human beings, whether right or wrong, dictate the processes which our bodies follow, i.e. low metabolism, storing fat, good digestion etc. This began as a topic that overwhelmed me, as I wanted to know how to treat these challenges, and it became a road that led me to the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. Today, I believe increasingly that a body cannot move elsewhere without the soul, and I coach people around their challenges with food, low mood, weight loss, and enhanced performance at work out of my personal experience and the science behind the psychology of eating in a dynamic eating psychology framework. I am also a veteran public speaker, I love the stage, it gives me the space, the energy, and the freedom to share with my beloved audience a lot of topics related to food and behaviors around food as well as best practices which potentially can positively affect them on many levels in their personal and professional lives. Lately i am overwhelmed with the stress physiology and all the science around it, i have started a journey to understand stress concepts beside the one that related to food. Academically, I am a certified registered nurse from Lebanon with 3 years post graduate clinical experience with 3000 OR cases. I have a post graduate diploma in business administration from the university of whales UK, and a lately a certified coach from the Institute for the psychology of Eating, Colorado, Boulder, USA.

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