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Michelle Anne

Michelle Anne

Biographical Info Neuroscience Coach, and National Speaker in the fields of Engagement and Leadership and Team Development. Michelle’s expertise is integrating and applying neuroscience, psychology and behavioral biology science to transform human behavior. Michelle’s education includes Neuroscience (Harvard University), Psychology, Stress Mastery (American Institute of Stress), Her Undergraduate work was at Parsons School of Design. She has worked for 9+ years with a guru on the Inner Dimension of Yoga/Meditation. Michelle has 30 years of training experience and is a certified ICF Master Executive Neuro Coach. She is an entrepreneur who has owned 3 successful businesses, while raising 5 kids. She has a strong sales, client relationship and creative background. As a national speaker, she is a powerhouse; relaxed, confident and funny. Her clients and partners include The Mayo Clinic, United Nations (UNDP), Massachusetts General Hospital – Harvard Medical School, Microsoft, U.S. Olympic Athletes, Players from the National Hockey League, Holland & Hart, 9 Health/9 News, US Army, Academy for Brain Health and Performance, American Institute of Stress, Bureau of Prison, FEMA, US Forest Service among others.

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