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Ron Rubenzer

Ron Rubenzer

Biographical Info Dr. Rubenzer holds a Doctorate and two masters degrees from Columbia University in NYC. He won a doctoral fellowship to attend the Columbia University’s Leadership Education Program. While serving as a school psychologist at Columbia he won a national student research prize of the year for an article written on the Brain. Dr. Rubenzer worked at the Washington DC Office of Education. While at Columbia he wrote an article for New York magazine on enhancing children’s development of their full potential. He has devoted his career to specializing in “reducing stressing-during testing” for better outcomes. He has worked as a stress manager for a Hospital based Cardiac/stroke Rehab & Employee Assistance Program. He also coordinated a wellness program for a large school system. Your Relaxation Vacation CD was developed by Dr. Rubenzer to provide guided relaxation practice (like training wheels). He is a fellow with the American Institute of Stress and writes focus articles on “using stress to do one’s best” at home, work and school. He has done presentations for conferences and TV shows. Publications Dr.Rubenzer’s publications include the book How the Best Handle Stress.* His research monograph Educating the Other Half-Implications of left/right brain research**- has enjoyed wide distribution. He has written several articles for Newspapers, Natural-Triad Magazine, and Midwest Center for Stress. His free “One minute Brain Scan” has evolved out of his college teaching/writing experience, which helps his clients see- eye-to-eye for improved relationships and performance in any setting. He strives to guide people to be Present and Grateful... in all things (paraphrased from Pulitzer Prize Poet Maya Angelou's quote). * **

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