Deployment: A deployment is a military duty away from home. It may be short as overnight or as long as an unaccompanied tour.

The Emotional Cycle of Deployment– The emotional/behavioral cycle that human beings experience during a deployment.  It includes adaptive and maladaptive coping mechanisms in response to separation stressors.

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Your spouse may deploy at any time, although most separations are scheduled well in advance. The
nature of the military makes it extremely important to have your family affairs in order so that you will be able to take care of unexpected situations that may come up during a deployment or separation. Do not assume that you will have time to prepare for deployment after the alert or deployment is announced. While preparations for a unit move usually take a few days, soldiers may also be deployed individually,and may have to leave within 24 hours of getting the notice. Good preparations will help to reduce some of the deployment or re-deployment stress.

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