Studies Point to an Unlikely Antidote for Businesses Who Are Facing Quiet Quitting: Laughter and Appreciation

Recent reports indicate that practicing gratitude and laughing often can reduce stress, boost motivation, and prevent employee quiet quitting. ​

Between the Covid-19 pandemic, conflicts abroad, and skyrocketing inflation, Americans are more stressed than ever before. This culmination of stress is manifesting into real, life-threatening health problems. Reports show that over 75% of doctor visits are stress-related, while The American Institute of Stress claims more than 120,000 people die per year from work-related stress. It doesn’t just affect individual health; Americans’ battle with stress amounts to a yearly healthcare cost of 190 billion dollars.

In today’s stress-filled world, it seems that yesterday’s stress-management tools are simply not effective. While talk therapy is becoming more readily available, many believe that traditional counseling does not sufficiently empower patients with the resources or information they need to adequately handle their stress.

One possible solution? Some experts point to a counter-intuitive cure: laughter and gratitude. Mountains ofscientific evidence report that laughter reduces stress, anxiety, and depression, all while boosting the immune system and improving overall health. Gratitude, too, reduces stress in individuals. And, when employed strategically, these two techniques help businesses retain employees and reduce quiet quitting burnout.

Consulting firm Live it! Business and Life Coaching recommends utilizing these techniques to strengthen businesses and minimize worker fatigue and stress. “To keep your staff from experiencing burnout, help them reduce stress, and build retention and engagement, find a company-wide way to increase laughter and express gratitude and thanks to all staff members for what they provide,” says founder JamieSue Johnson. “The added benefit of implementing these practices is the positive impact it has on company culture over time,” Johnson adds.

Live It!  Business and Life Coaching, Thursday, March 16, 2023, Press release picture
 Live It! Business and Life Coaching, Thursday, March 16, 2023, Press release picture

Most employers underestimate these tools. But many workers say that rarely receiving any form of thanks or gratitude from their employer would make them want to leave the company. In fact,a report by Glassdoor shows that 80% of workers are motivated to work harder when they feel appreciated.

Through this knowledge, Johnson has realized that appropriate praise and genuine appreciation can be a larger motivator than money. Her company teaches these tactics to business leaders and workers looking to lead a more fulfilled life. Johnson recommends companies stop thinking “business as usual,” and instead look outside of the box for “lasting solutions to shift employee thinking and generate overall wellbeing.”

Live it! Business and Life Coaching recommends that companies aim to create powerful, passionate people who frequently express appreciation for those on their teams.

“It’s like the old Hal David/Burt Bacharach song says, ‘What the World Needs Now Is Love'” Johnson continues. “And even in today’s cutthroat workplace, a little more laughter, gratitude, and appreciation can help even the most disgruntled employees find love in their work.”

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Live it! Business and Life Coaching is a coaching firm that helps businesses end burnout, quiet quitting, and stress-related conditions and promote employee retention through laughter and gratitude. Founder JamieSue Johnson is a certified master coach and Laughter Yoga facilitator, and is passionate about helping people live more present, fulfilled lives. For additional information visitLive It! Business and Life Coaching online.


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