The Nuuaria Method®

An American Institute of Stress Certified Course in Meditation and More

The Method

Thinking is the cause.
Behavior is only the symptom.
Behavior change, therefore, is only symptom treatment.
We teach you how to think differently.

Why It Works: From the Founder, Maya Nahra, RD, DAIS

Humans Change Humans.

While technology is a helpful assist, if daily weigh-ins and food tracking created permanent weight loss, obesity rates wouldn’t continue to rise. Human facilitation of change through the intervention of unconditional positive regard is the key.

The Nuuaria Method Works For…

  • Weight Loss (Our Signature Program)
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Chronic Pain and Illness
  • Corporate/ Enterprise Wellness (Weight Management and Stress Programming)

Nuuaria Method CourseThe Course

6 Modules, 28 Lessons, 60+ Page Downloadable Workbook, and 6 one-to-one telephonic sessions with a Nuuaria mentor over three months

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Module 1: Stress 101

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  • The Nervous System & Your Body During Stress
  • Where Does Your Stress Really Come From?
  • How The Brain Works
  • Stress Elimination

Module 3: In The Moment Management Part 1

  • Mindfulness & Open Monitoring Meditation
  • Thinking without Judging
  • Thinking in the Here & Now
  • Thinking without Suffering

Module 5: Correcting the Body’s Habitual Response to Prolonged Stress

  • Evidence-Based Dietary & Healthy Living Recommendations

Module 6: Final Lessons

  • What Drives Habitual Thought Causing Stress
  • The Power of Decision
  • The Power of Perception

Module 2: Long Term Management

  • What Meditation Is
  • What Science Can Tell Us About Meditation
  • Common Types of Focused Attention Meditation
  • How To Practice Meditate Focused Attention Meditation
  • Meditating with Beginner’s Mind, Meditation Tips by Headspace
  • Meditation Tools & Resources To Get You Started
  • How to Create a Habit of Meditation

Module 4: In The Moment Management Part 2

  • How The Brain Works In The Moment
  • Thought Redirection Step One
  • Thought Redirection Step Two
  • Thought Redirection Step Three
  • The Emotional Guidance Scale & Nuuaria’s Evidence Journaling Tools
  • An Introduction to Emotional Habits, Goals & Addictions
  • Putting All Your Tools Together

The Results

The following results reflect a sample size of 35 over a 6-month period with a 12-month follow up in the The Nuuaria Method Program.

Results from the Arizona Metropolitan Trust, Nuuaria Program for Weight Management. 2017 Pilot Program, 6 months, 23 Participants.

Verified third-party results. Medication costs calculated from actual medications participants eliminated based on insurance claims.

  • 3.7% average percent weight loss
  • 8.23 pounds average loss per person
  • 2 inch average waist circumference loss
  • 181 total pounds lost
  • 5.85% average, sustained weight loss per participant
  • 85% reduction to elimination of Metabolic Risk Factors (High Glucose, Low HDL, High TG, High Blood Pressure,  Waist Circumference), about a $2,000 savings per person per year
  • Reduction in filled scripts/ medications (anxiety, heart/ inflammation), a $3,000 savings
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