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Revolutionary Documentary Series “Mismatched” Explores Stress in Our Society and What We Can Do About It.

Stress is literally the spice of life. It has been said If you don’t experience stress you’re not alive. Stressors are everywhere. They come at you from the environment you live, work and play in, from other people and mostly, from inside your own mind. Stress is defined as our reactions to change. Like everything else, you can learn how to master your stress to live a more peaceful, productive, and happy life. Mismatched: Your Brain Under Stress will tell you how.

The number of people feeling miserable has increased with increasing political and economic uncertainty, and the fear of new viral diseases. Global trends consistently show an increase in the number of people reporting negative emotions. Our minds and bodies are well adapted to short-term intense stress – the kind of stress that was in our environment for more than 200,000 years and gave us a fighting chance when we were being chased by a saber-toothed tiger. Stress turns on our fight or flight response to keep us safe from imminent threats. However rapid technological growth and other factors of modern life have changed our world beyond recognition without giving us an outlet to vent our stress. You can’t just fight the guy in the next cubicle because he is being a jerk. And so stress builds up to where it becomes chronic, and the primary forerunner of psychological disorders. Chronic stress is worse than ever. And chronic stress can destroy us.

Our brains can evolve, but not as fast as our world is changing. This creates a mismatch with our environment. To combat this we need to know how our brains can get hijacked, what tools we can use to become better aligned with the way stress affects our body and mind, and an understanding of how to recognize and move beyond kneejerk reactions to achieve our full potential.

Produced by The American Institute of Stress, Mismatched: Your Brain Under Stress is a 6 part documentary by Justin Smith featuring some of the world’s leading experts on stress. Their collective experience stretches from the first experiments done on the mind/body connection to the latest research into unravelling the unconscious mind. As entertaining as it is informative, Mismatched teaches us about what stress is and how to master it.

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