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  • AIS President Dr. Daniel Kirsch asked Dr. Paul Rosch to contribute a monograph elaborating on how he became involved in establishing AIS, and to discuss some career highlights over the past 65 years. He also wanted to commemorate 28 years of Health and Stress Newsletters, which began as a monthly publication in 1988. This 68 page eBook has been described as a "future classic" by Dr. Ron Rubenzer. "If I were still teaching college, it would be required reading!" said Rubenzer. AIS members receive this FREE as a member benefit. Interested in becoming a member? Memberships start out at just $45/year.
  • The American Institute of Stress is an executive producer of Body Electric: Electroceuticals and the Future of Medicine, a documentary film aimed to revolutionize the way we think about health and the human body. “In the future, medical treatments will be based on electroceuticals rather than pharmaceuticals. Instead of prescriptions for chemical molecules doctors will prescribe specific frequencies. This is not science fiction – it’s happening right now. Although it is not widely known about because of the near monopoly the pharmaceutical industry has on medicine. Should we accept that medical treatments have side effects? Evidence suggests that the appropriate use of electroceuticals allows the body to simply take what it needs – creating a powerful effect without side effects. However, the future of medicine is not certain because those with vested interests in keeping the old paradigm alive do not want this revolution in medical care to take place, no matter how beneficial it could be for patients.” This 68 minute movie is by British producer/director/writer Justin Smith, whose previous works include Statin Nation: The Great Cholesterol Cover-Up, and Statin Nation II: What Really Causes Heart Disease.