By Dr. Ron Rubenzer  contributing editor for the American Institute of Stress,

The flood story- and our Social Separation. The story goes that Noah gathered creatures two by two onto his Arc. He and his family were required to stay in place for almost a year, socially separated from all of humanity. So with that in mind, create your own Family Arc (e.g. the Smith Family Arc) but stay socially connected with the internet. Imagine your safe-place, “Family Arc” is floating on an ocean of air. Of course, you do have a “life-boat” to get supplies and return.

Mayo Clinic (April 20, 2020) and others, have provided these tips to help you not Rock Your Own Boat.

-Mindset- This is a marathon, not a sprint, but will this matter five years from now?

-Exercise- it is the Miracle Drug, without the drug. Your dog is the BEST exercise equipment there is. -Enjoy free, online Yoga lessons, from such experts as Anne Hoffman

-For occasional “restless Monkey Mind”, eat a banana.

-Go outside – this current Vampire Virus can’t tolerate sunlight.

-Get enough sleep (sleep is cheap).

-ZOOM in on POSITIVE friends, relatives –through the internet, telephone, and even handwritten notes

-Send Smiles across the miles.

-Improve your Listening Skills, even with humor

-Wait until NOON for your Junk-News fix.

-Help the less fortunate, maybe through Faith-Based group

-Take more baths, Take YOUR Time

If you are one of 150,000,000 lucky “coastal state” residents, be sure to get a good dose of Vitamin SEA.

Remember, in 1918 your ancestors survived the Spanish Flu and then celebrated the Roaring 20’s

Plan on your own Roaring Twenties, once this storm has passed. For now- “batten down the hatches.”


Dr. Ron Rubenzer is a contributing editor for the American Institute of Stress, and author of How the Best Handle Stress; Your first aid kit. He is a North Carolina Licensed Health Services Provider and former school psychologist at Columbia University NYC and North Carolina Schools.”