“Stress management is thought management.” – Dr. Ron Rubenzer

Dr. Ron Rubenzer, contributing editor of the American Institute of Stress
How the Best Handle Stress: Your First Aid Kit
Dr. Ron Rubenzer

Today’s world can be extremely stressful especially with social media and news outlets
at our fingertips 24 hours a day. Our friends, family, and colleagues can reach us
anywhere at any time and disrupt our workflow and peace of mind.

Dr. Ron Rubenzer, a contributing editor of the American Institute of Stress, has written
an important book, How the Best Handle Stress: Your First Aid Kit, to help us identify
and manage our stress.

A lot of us probably think we know how to remedy our own stress or keep it under
control at work and home. However, our perceptions may not be 100% accurate and our
stress management skills may be due for a tune-up.
How the Best Handle Stress: Your First Aid Kit not only guides you in how to
manage stress in your own life, it also teaches you how to handle encounters with other
stressed people, which is significant regarding your own stress management. Rubenzer
reports that emotional contagion research shows that stress can be involuntarily
caught just by being in the presence of a stress carrier.
This book is a quick read that does not waste any time getting straight to the point
regarding tips for stress management. It teaches, inspires, and stays true Rubenzer’s
motto, “Your wellbeing is my commitment.”
Rubenzer provides a guide to evidence-based practices that result in stress relief and
improved wellbeing through creating calm inner worlds for individuals. He emphasizes
that a rested mind is powerful and if you are capable of breathing, reading, and
sleeping, you can learn to relax and enhance your personal wellbeing both at work and
in your personal life.
This book is filled with humor, inspirational quotes, and meaningful remedies that can be
applied in a variety of contexts leading to self-actualization through calmness.

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