This 30 minute video developed by shares the personal stories of veterans who have experienced the horrors of war and come home to deal with the ravages of PTSD.

You are not alone.

No one comes home from war unscathed.

Talking, venting, ranting, no matter what you call it, this simple strategy is the best technique used for early PTSD/ TBI intervention. It sounds overly simple at first, but the sooner you can begin “talking it out” the better your results will be. AIS experts agree that talking with others will produce positive and meaningful changes in PTSD symptoms (or any stress symptoms for that matter) and increase your quality of life. Talking with others that have been through similar situations can help you understand your feelings, change how you think about your trauma—and change how you react to stressful memories.

Use the AIS forum, start talking. Encourage others to talk and share their experiences.  Talking about what you have been through is the first step in healing.