How can you use a “theme” to support your growth and performance?

By repeating it over and over and over and over–upon starting your day, in response to the demands of the day, upon ending your day, and when evaluating each and every move of your day. Tape it to the mirror; sticky note it to your laptop; use it as the screensaver on your phone. It becomes a mantra that repeatedly brings your attention to your intention.

10756993_m1Repeated attention to intention builds connections between the neurons that support that intention. Minute to minute, your thoughts, feelings and actions create connections between brain cells. Our brains are constantly remolding themselves. Focusing on a theme is a way of directing that constant building and pruning to create pathways that support the habits, beliefs, thought patterns, behavior choices, and ways of being that align with our intention. Neuroplasticity in action! This is far more powerful than stating a goal and relying on willpower to undo the habits that sabotage that goal. Willpower wears thin with any challenge.

With repeated attention to intention we build greater awareness, shift perspectives, change our beliefs, strengthen our skills, and build habits of thought and behavior supported by strong neural pathways. We begin to see more opportunities to make choices in line with that theme, and we gradually shift our identity toward a more intentional way of being.

 What’s your theme for your unfolding year? Please share……

 Contributed by AIS Fellow and Chairman of the Workplace Stress Board, Cynthia Ackrill, M.D.

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