The Brain Electric: Healing Wave of the Future

In the Brain Electric documentary, we travel across America to investigate how Alpha-Stim technology is being used by leading research organizations, the military, and many others, as an alternative to medications, even for people in the most devastating situations, such as in Service Members and Veterans with severe post traumatic stress and advanced cancer patients. The American Institute of Stress presents The Brain Electric, a film by Justin Smith.

Documentary interviewees:

  • Dr. Daniel L. Kirsch, Neurobiologist, Inventor of Alpha-Stim
  • Dr. Kathy Platoni, Clinical Psychologist, Col, US Army (Ret)
  • Professor Sriram Yennu, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Dr. Jean-Ronel Corbier, Pediatric Neurologist
  • Tracey B. Kirsch, President, EPI
  • Dr. Steve Haltiwanger, Psychiatrist, Chief Medical Officer, EPI
  • Dr. Jeffrey Marksberry, former Chief Science & Clinical Officer, EPI
  • Dr. Ava Frick, Integrative Veterinarian
  • Dr. Heidi Hanna, Author of Stressaholic
  • SGT Dakota Meyer, US Marine, Medal of Honor Recipient
  • Anthony Palleta, Joint Terminal Attack Controller (Ret)