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BainUltra®: An American Institute of Stress Certified Product

Since 1977 BainUltra has been manufacturing therapeutic bathtubs with Hydro-Thermo Massage (the unique combination of air, water and heat). The original concept was engineered with the help of an osteopath seeking new ways of helping his patients. Customers have found that BainUltra bathtubs contribute to improving relaxation, health and well-being on a number of physical, mental and emotional levels.

Studies on Hydro-Thermo Massage

Bathing, Hydro-Therapy and Immersion in water can all help to reduce levels of stress.

A 2006 study entitled “Change in salivary physiological stress markers by spa bathing.” found that, “Cortisol levels decreased after spa bathing” Cortisol is the body’s main stress hormone and these findings “suggest that spa bathing has an effect on stress relief.”

These findings were confirmed in another study published in 2018 titled “Physical and Mental Effects of Bathing: A Randomized Intervention Study.”

“This randomized controlled trial compared the effects on health of immersion bathing and shower bathing in 38 participants… visual analog scale (VAS) scores were significantly better for fatigue, stress, pain, and smile and tended to be better for self-reported heath and skin conditions after bathing intervention than after showering intervention… The SF-8 Health Survey showed significantly better general health, mental health, role emotional, and social functioning scores. Profile of Mood State (POMS) scores were lower for stress, tension-anxiety, anger-hostility, and depression-dejection. Immersion bathing, but not shower bathing, exerts hyperthermic action that induces increased blood flow and metabolic waste elimination, which may afford physical refreshment. Immersion bathing should improve both the physical and emotional aspects of quality of life.”

Another study from 2018 titled “Culture, bathing and hydrotherapy in labor: An exploratory descriptive pilot study.” which examined pregnant women found that “The women described bathing as relaxing, easing, calming, and efficacious for relief of menstrual cramps and labor contractions.”

Hospitals like St. Vincents in Carmel, Indiana use BainUltra bathtubs in their maternity wing for expectant mothers. “The air jet baths offer the expecting mother light massage with a built-in heater to help her relax and focus. The tub is designed to be hypoallergenic and hygienic.”

A 2017 study in Japan looked at the “effects and safety of mechanical bathing as a complementary therapy for terminal stage cancer patients from the physiological and psychological perspective.”

“Twenty-four patients were enrolled in this study… A significant difference was found between pre- and post-bathing anxiety, as evaluated by the State Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI, p < 0.0001). In the patient’s verbal responses that were collected, the most frequently mentioned descriptors were ‘comfortable’ and ‘relaxed’. These findings suggest that the method of bathing used in this study is safe and pain-relieving for terminal stage cancer patients. It is thus possible to provide safe and comfortable care for terminal stage cancer patients using mechanical baths.”

While combating stress requires a holistic approach, the complementary care of bathing in a BainUltra bathtub can aid in stress reduction.