Stress Mastery Questionnaire (SMQ)

Are you ready to lead a less stressed, more enjoyable life? Take the SMQ today. It is a quick online self-assessment that includes a 19-page personalized Stress Mastery Report, along with Dr. James Petersen’s Stress Mastery Guide.

Woman filling out the SMQ Assessment
Play Video about Woman filling out the SMQ Assessment

Watch the video above to learn more about how the SMQ can help you understand how stress is affecting you.

Try These Other Assessments

The Rosch Stress Profiler

In just 15 minutes, this will show you how well you are coping in ten key areas of your life. The evaluation will also provide a customized report with advice on how you could best manage your stress.

The Workplace Stress Scale

The AIS Workplace Stress Scale was developed to serve as a simple screening measure to determine the need for further investigation with more comprehensive assessments. *This survey is not validated.

Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory

A tool that assigns point values to various life events quantifying stress levels. Individuals can then calculate their overall stress score, offering insights into their potential risk for stress-related health issues.

Become a Member of The American Institute of Stress

Membership in The American Institute of Stress distinguishes healthcare professionals and qualified individuals in stress-related fields as experts in cutting-edge, scientifically grounded stress sciences and the most recent and most effective stress management techniques.