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Your Brain Under Stress

Mismatched: Your Brain Under Stress is a 6-part documentary series produced by The American Institute of Stress featuring some of the world’s leading experts on stress. Their collective experience stretches from the first experiments done on the mind/body connection to the latest research into unravelling the unconscious mind. As entertaining as it is informative, Mismatched teaches us about stress and how to master it.

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What Educators Are Saying About Mismatched

Since stress is such a prevalent part of today’s world — especially the world shared by young learners and their teachers — understanding stress is not just advisable. It is essential. Stress is something we don’t always think about, just as a fish doesn’t likely think about water very often. It’s just there. But when it comes to teaching, stress is a reality that matters a great deal. Stress hurts teaching by hurting teachers. The education of young people in our nation is such an important task that we cannot afford to allow something manageable like stress to impede it. We must hit on all cylinders if our tomorrows are to be as bright as we hope.

Mismatched provides a unique opportunity for teachers and teacher-leaders to truly understand what stress is doing to them, to their students, and to the instruction that depends on both parties. Mismatched helped me to develop a keener understanding of the nature of stress, its effects on my students and employees, and ways to counter its adverse effects. I think every educator in America should see it.

John Kuhn, EdD

Superintendent of Schools for Abilene ISD, Texas

As I watched Mismatched: Your Brain Under Stress, I was reminded how detrimental stress can be from the viewpoint of an educator. This documentary defines stress, differentiates between good and bad forms, and discusses how chronic stress negatively affects our physical and mental well-being. With stress being such a pervasive influence in society, it also demonstrates why there is a greater need in educating the public about successful methods to cope with stress more effectively. 

Stress is a continuing influence in our lives. This documentary provides insightful information to its viewers using a variety of effective methods to both instruct and entertain its audience using innovative pedagogical approaches. It encourages viewers to become learners, to collaborate with others in conversation, and actively promote integration of new information into real-world scenarios.

Susan Heckman, MEd

Educator, The School District of Palm Beach County, Florida

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In the Shadow of Flexner

In the Shadow of Flexner is a groundbreaking documentary film by Justin Smith that exposes a century-old corruption that forever altered the trajectory of healthcare. At the heart of this riveting narrative lies the Flexner Report, a document published in 1910, whose insidious purpose was to eradicate all traces of natural medicine from the educational landscape.

In an era when conventional doctors faced public skepticism, the Flexner Report became the tool of choice for industrial capitalists seeking to monopolise medicine. With an intricate web of influence, orthodox physicians and profit-driven magnates embarked on a mission to discredit any therapeutic approach that did not involve drugs or surgery. The fallout of this Machiavellian maneuver was the sidelining of gentle, nature-aligned treatments in favor of a system that prioritises profit over patients.

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The Body Electric: Electroceuticals and the Future of Medicine

Life is electric. Our vital signs, in particular, our heart rate and rhythm, and brain activity, are electrical signals that doctors use to diagnose medical problems. But the electric nature of life runs much deeper than this. For centuries, scientists have postulated the existence of an electrical or electromagnetic field that governs all life. The Body Electric has the potential to revolutionize medicine.

The Brain Electric: Healing Wave of the Future

In the Brain Electric documentary, a film by Justin Smith, we travel across America to investigate how Alpha-Stim© technology is being used by leading research organizations, the military, and many others, as an alternative to medications, even for people in the most devastating situations, such as in Service Members and Veterans with severe post traumatic stress and advanced cancer patients.

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