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The dictionary defines “content” as being in a state of peaceful happiness.  The AIS magazine is called Contentment because we want all of our guests and members to find contentment in their lives by learning about stress management and finding what works best for each them.  Stress is unavoidable, and comes in many shapes and sizes that makes being in a state of peaceful happiness seem like a very lofty goal.  But happiness is easy to find once you are able to find ways to manage your stress and keep a healthy perspective when going though difficult times in life.  You will always have stress, but stress does not always have you!

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Current Issue

Winter 2023-24

Enjoy Your Holidays: Effectively Managing Holiday Stress

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Fall 2023
Connecting Stress with the Immune System

Summer 2023
Connecting Chronic Stress with Chronic Pain

Spring 2023
De-stressing the stress…naturally

Fall 2022
Can Technology Help You Find Contentment?

Summer 2022
Moving Through Stress – Harnessing the Power of Movement

Spring 2022
Connecting the Dots: Emotions, Stress, and Your Resilience

Winter 2021-2022
Lewis Coleman’s Landmark Discovery in the Science of Stress

Fall 2021
Finding Contentment on an Unclear Path

Summer 2021
Capturing the Wisdom of a Stressful Year

Spring 2021
Harnessing Hope

Winter 2020/2021
Transforming Chaos to Contentment

Fall 2020
Navigating This Chronic Crisis

Summer 2020
Change is known to be stressful. The Coronavirus is a call for change like none other.

Spring 2020
Homeopathic Medicine in the Treatment of Stress Related Complaints and the Fake News War on Homeopathy

Winter 2019
Job Stress: Sources, Symptoms And Solutions

Fall 2019
Supplements and Other Nonpharmacologic Remedies to Reduce Stress

Spring 2019
Creating Balance In Life

Summer 2019
Stress Reducing Foods And Diets from Antiquity

Contentment magazine March 2018

March 2018
All-Natural Stress Remedies

June 2018
The Healing Power of the Breath

Fall 2018 Contentment magazine

Fall 2018
Back to School Stress

Winter 2018/2019
Creating a Stress-Less 2019

March 2017
Global Stress Summit Preview

June 2017
Measuring Stress

September 2017
Stress and Technology

December 2017
Holiday Issue

march 2015 Contentment Cover

March 2016
Successfully Knockout Workplace Stress

June 2016
How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep & Benefit From It


September 2016
Stress & Muscle Tension
Expert Tips to Tame Stress

December 2016
Turning Stressing into a Blessing this Holiday Season

March 2015 Contentment cover

March 2015
Is Stress Making You Fat?

June 15 Contentment Cover

June 2015
How Do YOU See the World?
Moving Beyond Bias

September 15 Contentment Cover image

September 2015
Back to School, NOT Back to Stress

Dec 2015 Cover Contentment

December 2015
What is Holiday Stress
3 Tips for a Happier Holiday Season

April 2014 Contentment cover

Apr 2014
Time Out: Are You Addicted to Stress

Contentment June 2014

June 2014
The Healing Power of Pets

Sept 14 Cont. Cover

September 2014
Belly Laughs Bust Stress
Remembering Robin

Dec 2014 Contentment Cover

December 2014
Unravel Holiday Stress: Expectations, Perspectives & Deep Breaths

January 2013
Workplace Stress

April Contentment Cover Image

April 2013
Mindshift: A Brief History of Mind & Behavior & The Psychology of Awakening

July 2013 Contentment Cover

July 2013
Mindshift: Part 2
Add 7.5 minutes to your life

Oct. Cover Image

October 2013
Perception: Living Real Life, Finding Real Happinness

Want to contribute to Contentment magazine?

We are accepting submissions for feature sections in the following subject areas:

  • Science vs. Spirituality in Stress Management
  • Stress at Home
  • Stress and Pain
  • Workplace Stress
  • Combat Stress
  • Military Family Stress
  • Insomnia Due to Economic Stress
  • Pharmaceuticals vs. Subtle Energy

Articles should address practical considerations for the stress management practitioner and may not promote any specific product or facility.
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