ONLINE EVENT | APRIL 16-18, 2019

Live, Online, Interactive and Experiential Sessions to Help you Transform Stress for Good

We’ve curated our programming in a brand new format to help you quickly incorporate research-based stress solutions right away. At the 3rd Annual Global Stress Summit, we will once again provide you with exclusive access to pioneering researchers and thought leaders from across the globe to discuss the neuroscience of stress and resilience from the comfort of your own home, office, or classroom. We will also have several opportunities to interact live with many of our featured experts throughout the week.

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All times listed are PST

Tuesday,  April 16th

6:00PM  –  Stress 20/20: From Insight to Action: Join us for our April Stress Mastery webinar where Dr. Heidi Hanna will share the latest research findings related to stress, discuss the Stress 20/20 initiative, and overview the upcoming Global Stress Summit agenda.
Dr. Heidi Hanna   

Wednesday, April 17th

8:00AM  –  Awakening to the Power of Breath
Dr. Veronique Desaulniers 

9:00AM  –  Stress-Proofing Your Child: Helping Your Child Thrive Body, Mind & Spirit
Dr. Elisa Song 

10:00AM – Health Boundaries and Digital Toxicity
Dr. Brian Luke Seaward 

11:00AM  –  Moving Beyond Betrayal
Debi Silber 

12:00PM  –  Electromedicine: The Next Wave of Stress Management
Dr. Jeff Marksbury  

1:00PM  –  Helping to Heal Families with PTSD
Lee Bougie  

2:00PM  –  POP Your Stress
Terre Passero

3:00PM  –  Simple Tools to Circuit Break Your Stress
Dr. Evian Gordon 

4:00PM  –  Stress Mastery Pro Panel: From Ah Ha to Action: Applying Stress Mastery in the Real World
Tildet, Sarah, Sporty, Dwayna, Katie; hosted by Dr. Heidi Hanna 

Thursday, April 18th

9:00AM – The Impact of Social Connections on Stress Mastery
Dr. Shelley Carson

10:00AM  –  Using Healthy Humor For Resilience
Paul Osincup

11:00AM  –  Physical Activity for Stress Mastery
Debra Atkinson

12:00PM  –  Aromatherapy for Stress Mastery
Dr. Mariza Snyder  

1:00PM – 90-Seconds to Transform Negative Feelings
Dr. Joan Rosenberg  

2:00PM  –  Reducing Stress to End Emotional Eating
Tricia Nelson

3:00PM – The Sleep – Stress Connection
Dr. Alan Hopkins  

4:00PM – 4:45PM  –  Creating Your Personal Recharge Plan for Stress Mastery
Dr. Heidi Hanna