What’s the hurry? The psychology of urgency and its relationship to stress

April 12th at 3:00 PM EST


Join author Frank Forencich as he leads us through an exploration of our modern affliction–the nagging and ultimately destructive urge for speed. Why is it that we feel compelled to go fast, even when there’s no real need? What are the consequences? And most importantly, how can we improve our relationship with time? As you’ll see, this investigation will go a long way toward reducing our stress and improving the quality of our lives.
         This online, experiential program is ideal for individuals who are looking for relief or for anyone who works with the human-animal: teachers, trainers, coaches, health professionals, or parents. Also suitable for young people.
         This 1-hour session will include movement, meditation, and presentation. A typical session will include 15 minutes of light movement, 10 minutes of meditation, and 30 minutes presentation on the challenges of stress, including fundamentals and life lessons.
Length of Workshop: 60 minutes

Presented by:
Frank Forencich an internationally-recognized leader in health and performance education. He earned his BA at Stanford University in human biology and neuroscience and has over 30 years of teaching experience in martial arts and health education. His new book Beware False Tigers can be found on his website
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