The 3 Massive Mistakes People Make Keeping them Stressed, Overwhelmed, and Dreading Mondays

Time: March 10, 2021 03:00 PM Central Time, 4 PM EST


Crisis situations come up throughout your day and how you navigate and manage them determines your level of stress experienced through them as well as the possibility of developing chronic stress. Jen Butler, the founder of JB Partners and a Diplomat for the American Institute of Stress, has developed an easy, 6-step plan everyone at any age can do in any crisis moment that reduces their stress and increases their confidence in moving forward.

Presenter: Jen Butler

Jen Butler is the owner, Founder, and CEO of JB Partners, a company committed to reducing the stress of private-practice owners, small businesses, and large organizations through intuitive and powerful programming, one-to-one coaching, and comprehensive consulting. While earning two bachelor’s degrees, one in Public Health Administration and the other in Educational Psychology, Jen worked in hospitals, private practices, and became a paramedic, learning first-hand the challenges and relentless stress faced by medical professionals. Building on her Education and 25-years of experience in Learning & Development, Jen Butler has worked with entrepreneurs, small business owners, corporate leaders, and executives on how to obtain sustainable profitability with less stress and more fulfillment. Jen is also a Diplomate of The American Institute of Stress.
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