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International Stress Awareness Day – Nov. 1st

On November 1, 2017, The American Institute of Stress, in collaboration with the International Stress Management Association, will be providing free training opportunities for individuals and organizations via social media and the online learning center at

Join us on Facebook for live sessions with AIS Fellows on stress management:
10-11am PST: He Stress, She Stress: The Neuroscience of Stress and Gender with Cindi Ackrill
3-4pm PST: What’s so Funny About Stress? Humor for Stress Relief with Karyn Buxman

Free resources for International Stress Awareness Day on November 1st will include:

2017 Global Stress Summit

A quick interview highlight from mind-body pioneer and founding member of the American Institute of Stress, Dr. Herbert Benson.

In this short clip, AIS Fellow Srinivasan Pillay shares one of his tips for unlocking anxiety: control check.
What one thing in your life could you let go of trying to control today in order to reduce stress?