The Cost of Stress

The more we learn, the more vital our mission becomes.

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The American Institute of Stress is the only organization in the world solely created and dedicated to study the science of stress and the advancement of innovative and scientifically based stress management techniques. AIS provides the latest evidence-based knowledge, research and management techniques for stress and stress-related disorders.

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Hans Selye, MD, PhD (1907-1982), is known as the father of stress research. In the 1920s, Selye coined the term “stress” in the context of explaining his pioneering research into the signs and symptoms of disease curiously common in the majority of people who were ill, regardless of the diagnoses. Selye’s concept of stress was revolutionary then, and it has only grown in significance in the century since he began his work.

Founded in 1978 at Dr. Selye’s request, the American Institute of Stress (AIS) continues his legacy of advancing the understanding of stress and its enormous impacts on health and well-being worldwide, both on an individual and societal level.

A forthcoming AIS initiative – called Engage. Empower. Educate. – will leverage the latest research, tools and best practices for managing stress to make a difference in a world increasingly impacted by the effects of stress out of control. We hope you will consider supporting this critical outreach campaign.

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A campaign to Engage. Empower. Educate.

The AIS campaign will support three key initiatives:

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