Angela Fertitta

Angela Fertitta-Briley

Marketing & Donor Relations Director

Angela Fertitta-Briley comes to AIS with extensive experience in marketing and event planning. She studied Marketing at the University of South Alabama before beginning her 30-year career with Nordstrom, where she held several positions. As a Regional Marketing Manager, she was responsible for planning and implementing special events across four states. In this role, she coordinated with multiple non-profit organizations, service providers, high-end designers, Vogue, as well as celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Sarah Jessica Parker. She was instrumental in developing public relations for her events and ensuring consistency in messages from Nordstrom personnel ranging from store managers to the President of Nordstrom. As store manager, she was responsible for teams ranging from 15 to 250 employees. In this role, she was also responsible for emergency planning and ensuring the safety and health of her staff during critical incidents, including medical emergencies, adverse weather, and situations in which local law enforcement had to become involved. She was responsible for implementing diversity and inclusion programs in her stores, as well as transitioning to virtual fulfillment during COVID.

Angela also serves as the vice-chair on the board of the Nordstrom Federal Credit Union and is a previous volunteer for the Children’s Alliance Center for Palo Pinto County.