Jeff Jernigan

Jeff Jernigan PhD, LPC, BCPPC, FAIS

Editor, Contentment Magazine

Board-certified mental health professional, hospital administrator, and engineer. These describe Jeff’s 37-year career focused on influencing change in people and organizations by capitalizing on growth and change. Jeff’s healthcare, engineering, and higher education work has taken him to 42 countries worldwide. He is an internationally recognized thought leader and educator on stress and trauma injuries. The Wellness Council of America rates Jeff as one of the country’s top one percent of wellness experts. He serves on the Science and Education Board of The American Institute of Stress, the Veteran’s Task Force for the American Association for Suicidology, and the Wiley Psychology Panel.

He is a co-founder, Board Chair, and Medical Programs Director for Olive Branch International, Inc., serving where war and violence, natural disasters, disease, and famine have devastated communities. Jeff also serves as CEO of an international organization providing healthcare, education, and community support on three continents. As adjunct faculty and visiting professors, Jeff and his wife Nancy continue teaching disaster mental health fundamentals at National Universities in Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and Central Africa.